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Date: City: Venue: Notes:



Date: City: Venue: Notes:

Nov 26th 2005 D-Duesseldorf Tor 3 with: Roomers, (space in brackets), SAM

Oct 7th 2005 D-Burscheid Megaphon with: The Slimp, Midas Factory

Oct 2nd 2005 D-Duesseldorf Zakk Rock Voting Night

July 15th 2005 A-Wien Monastery 10th Anniversary of DJ D.A.V.E. (A) + Violation Of Sound (A)

Feb 5th 2005 D-Siegburg SJZ with: Sun Of Sadness

Jan 22nd 2005 LUX-Kehlen Shiny'z Café Winter Music Night with: Claudine Muno And The Luna Boots, Felicia's Journey, Feoh, Mack Murphy & The Inmates

Dec 30th 2004 D-Bonn Klangstation

A Dark Night II with: The Slimp, Anubiz, Atargatis, Re-Vision

Oct 15th 2004 D-Mettmann Neandertalhalle Bandcontest

July 22th 2004 D-Duesseldorf JFE V24  

July 10th 2004 D-Hilden Area 51 Bandcontest

June 6th 2004 D-Kulmbach Stadtpark 2nd Art-Parade

Apr 30th 2004 D-Bochum Matrix Emergenza, Semifinal

Mar 27th 2004 D-Wesseling Pulverfass A Dark Night I with: Atargatis, Anubiz

Mar 26th 2004 D-Much Soundbox with: Atargatis, Orkus

Mar 19th 2004 D-Wuppertal Die Börse Mighty Sounds Of Darkness with: Impact, Schattenspieler, For Life

Mar 6th 2004 D-Dortmund Live Station Emergenza, 1st Step

Sept 26th 2003 D-Hilden KJG with: Sudden

Feb 15th 2003 D-Solingen Industriemuseum  

Feb 6th 2003 D-Aachen Musikbunker  

Oct 19th 2002 D-Duesseldorf Juna's Party  

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